1. Administration

    New Baltimore is run by a group of administrators, which include the Mayor, City Clerk, and Treasurer, as well as a City Council.

  2. Assessing Department

    This office handles assessment and tax information for land parcels in the city.

  3. Building, Codes & Zoning

    Permits are required for various types of work within the City and are handled and enforced by this department.

  4. Clerk's Office

    The Clerk's Office is the hub of city government, and their workings help the city function in the most efficient way possible.

  5. Department of Public Service

    This department handles services related to streets, cemetery operations, sanitation and water.

  6. Elections

    Find out the location of voting precincts in the area, what you need to be an election inspector, and voter registration documents.

  7. Engineering

    New Baltimore does not have an in-house engineer, but we offer other avenues of communication for finding more information.

  8. Library

    MacDonald Public Library strives to promote, advocate, and consistently work to achieve the highest level of service to the community.

  9. Parks & Recreation

    Follow this page to keep up with everything our department is up to as well as have the capability to register online for many of our programs.

  10. Public Safety

    The Police and Fire Departments work to make New Baltimore a safe place for residents and visitors.

  11. Treasurer

    The billing and collecting of taxes are handled through the Treasurer's Office.