The Mayor is the administrative and executive head of the city.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Some of the Mayor’s responsibilities, among many, are to:
  • Deliver city services
  • Negotiate city contracts
  • Plan and administer city projects
  • Produce and administer the city budget
  • Provide leadership and vision
  • Spur economic growth


The Mayor’s mission is to enhance the quality of life for New Baltimore’s citizens by providing a clear vision, strong leadership, and quality services. The Mayor is committed to moving New Baltimore forward by creating an environment that will:
  • Encourage effective and efficient operations
  • Foster planned economic growth
  • Increase population
  • Preserve and improve City assets


Pride, respect for all individuals, high ethical standards, teamwork, and the achievement of excellence are essential qualities that are continually stressed and strived for by the Mayor in the City of New Baltimore.