Department of Public Service

The Department of Public Service is responsible for several services:
Cemetery Operations
  • Burials
  • Foundations
  • Grounds maintenance
Drinking Water System
  • Hydrant maintenance and flushing
  • Service taps and service disconnections
  • Water distribution system
  • Water main repairs
Parks & Recreation
  • Baseball diamonds
  • Beach and dock maintenance
  • Playground equipment maintenance
  • Structures and grounds maintenance
Street System
  • Signs and markings
  • Snow and ice control
  • Storm drainage
  • Surface maintenance
  • Sweeping
Sanitary Sewer System
  • Sewer connection inspections
  • Sewer disconnections
  • System Cleaning
  • Utility location

Facility Maintenance:

The Public Service Department also performs grounds and building maintenance at City Hall, the Police Department, and other City facilities.

Snow Removal:

Per Chapter 48 of the Code of Ordinances, regarding snow removal, the occupant of every lot or premises adjoining any street or the owner of such lot or premises, if the lot or premises are not occupied, shall clear and keep cleared all sidewalks adjoining such lot or premises from snow, ice, filth and other obstructions. The complete ordinance (PDF) is available for more details.

Street Light Outage:

To report a street light that is out, please contact the DPS at 586-725-9511, and make sure you have the pole number.