Billing Cycle Information

  1. Quarterly Billing Schedule

Route 1 

10 digit account number beginning with '1'

March Bill

Covers: December, January, February
Due: April
June Bill 
Covers: March, April, May
Due: July
September Bill
Covers: June, July, August
Due: October
December Bill
Covers: September, October, November, 
Due: January

Route 2

10 digit account number beginning with '2'

January Bill

Covers: October, November, December
Due: February
April Bill
Covers: January, February, March
Due: May
July Bill
Covers: April, May, June
Due: August
October Bill
Covers: July, August, September
Due: November

Route 3 

10 digit account number beginning with '3'

February Bill

Covers: November, December, January
Due: March
May Bill
Covers: February, March, April
Due: June
August Bill
Covers: May, June, July
Due: September
November Bill
Covers: August, September, October
Due: December 

  1. Penalty Policy

Please make note of the penalty policy:

 1. Penalties are automatically calculated the morning after the billing due date. 

2. Penalties are calculated as 10% of the total remaining bill balance. 

3. Setting up a payment plan does not exclude a penalty being applied to a remaining balance. 

4. Penalties can NOT be waived.

  1. Shut Off Policy

Please make note of the water shut off policy:

1. Shut off notices are sent if there is an unpaid balance 10 days after the billing due date. 
*Shut off notices are the red utility bills 

2. An additional 10 days are given to pay the shut off notice. 

3. If the shut off notice is still not paid, water is shut off. 
  • Once water is turned off, payment in full is required for turn on. 
  • A $46 turn on/off is automatically applied to an account when the water is turned off. *If water has to be turned back on after hours of 3pm, the fee is $100*