Pool Fill Credits

Fill up your swimming pool and get a sewer credit on your utility account!

  • You must get the reading on your meter before you start filling your pool, and the reading on your meter after you finish filing your pool. Without these two numbers, we will not be able to calculate your usage and credit amount, and will not be able to issue you a credit. 
  • For every 1 thousand gallons used, you will get credit for the sewer commodity rate. 
    • EX: (5 thousand gallons used) x ($6.34 sewer rate) = $31.70 pool fill credit
  • If you have a sprinkling meter, you are not eligible for a sewer credit. Your hose will most likely be hooked up to your sprinkling meter, which already is only charged for water, not sewer. 
    • If you have additional questions about your meter hook up, please contact the Water Department at 586-725-7300.

Fill out the pool fill credit form, and submit it right to Angela! Enjoy your pool!

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