• Volunteers help a child do crafts
  • People engaging in a fun activity
  • Little girls with face paint
  • Little girls hold plastic bags
  • Kids smile and hold their balloon animals
  • Kids playing bowling games
  • Kids making paper snowflakes
  • Kids making crafted hats
  • Kids in face paint
  • Girls with balloon animals on their heads
  • A woman makes balloon animals
  • A woman makes balloon animals
  • A man and boy watch a balloon animal being made
  • A man and a little girl smile for a photo
  • A little girl writes with a marker
  • A little girl writes with a marker
  • A little girl stands with a fake polar bear
  • A little girl holding a snowflake
  • A kid wears a hat he made
  • A girl with reindeer face paint
  • A girl with pink face paint around her eye
  • A girl with fun face paint
  • A girl in a crafted hat holds a balloon animal
  • A child does crafts with tape and markers
  • A boy wields a balloon sword
  • A boy holds a large balloon sculpture
  • 2 women posing for a picture
  • 2 girls wear face paint and crafted hats

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